What we do

We are licensed agents that offer life insurance and medicare insurance services over the phone. Over the years we have noticed that there’s more pressure on the client when you are sitting across the table in their home, for this reason, an over-the-phone conversation was a natural transition. No more trying to stay home waiting for an agent to make his appointment or an awkward moment when you may have tuff questions for someone you invited to your house. An email text message or a simple phone call is all that’s needed to reschedule or ask a simple question. Security is also a big issue and concern with clients these days. With the application process being completed over the phone the information is completed electronically and goes straight to the carrier agents do not keep socials or payment information on a paper app that can be lost in any number of ways. This helps increase security for the client.

 Licensed insurance agents typically come in two catagories captive and non captive. Captive agents work for and only represent the products of one company (for example State Farm) non captive agents represent multiple carriers. We fall under the the non captive category. This means our goal is to find you the best coverage with the best company that fits your goals and financial needs.

About us

Have questions? want a quote? want to buy a policy? wherever you are we want you at ease in the process.